Ep. 3 – In conversation with Dr. Pascal Wallisch: Agree to disagree.

You are right, and everyone else is wrong. Okay, maybe not everyone else but a lot of people.
No matter what subject that is, we tend to think we are right most of the time.
After all, being right is soothing, while being wrong is a threat to our status.

But, if you are not wrong, how can you learn? How can you avoid new mistakes if there aren’t any? How can you improve your behavior?

In this episode, Dr. Pascal Wallisch and I discuss why using your perceptions as a baseline for understanding your behaviors is not actually reliable.
If that is the case, can you even trust your perceptions to determine how other people’s behaviors should be?

Dr. Wallisch studied “The Dress” and the “Laurel-Yanny” phenomena, which took over the internet a few years ago. He also helps us see that cognitive biases, although sometimes portrayed negatively, are just a natural way to help us survive and thrive in the world we live in.


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