Ep. 1 – In conversation with Dr. Nii Addy: Am I anxious?

Are you anxious? We certainly are.

This year has brought some bad and unexpected news for all of us.
Some people have lost their jobs, many are stuck at home, and others need to face the fear of going out to care for others. Add to that, civil unrest and the current division happening across the world, and it makes for some interesting times.

In this first episode, Thiago Sindra talks to the neuroscientist Dr. Nii Addy, who is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and of Cellular and Molecular Physiology at Yale School of Medicine. Their chat brings excellent insights into what happens to our brains when we suffer from anxiety, depression, and addiction.
Dr. Addy talks about his work in the lab and how they’re targeting specific receptors in the brain to understand the mechanism behind mental illnesses, and how Neuroscience can bring us together, even during difficult times.


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